Maintenance, Recovery & Repairs

Got an existing product in need of upgrades or fixing but no development resource?

We can help with that and upgrade your old systems or implement new features and requirements. Whether it's simply keeping a proven system up and running, modernisation or planning a whole new version on modern tech. Something was working fine before and has now suddenly broken? No ones touched it! - Sometimes this can happen for a variety of reasons from automated underlying software updates, to disk space or memory filling up or even simply bad data. We can investigate, debug and remediate for you. We can additionally add in alerting and monitoring to catch such issues early on in future.

Need to make changes to your site to meet compliance requirements?

We can fix your security vulnerabilities. New vulnerabilities are discovered all of the time and as such it's essential to keep your code up to date. We can update or migrate your software and dependencies to the latest versions to keep them safe & secure.